Yarn Audio Podcast #12 – Dylan M Howe

Dylan M Howe Podcast Cover

Dylan M Howe is a musician based out of Portland, Oregon. He has released music and performed under the name C Plus Plus from 2014 to 2017 and is one half of the duos Portland Compressor and Action Sports with long-time collaborator Matthew Pepitone (aka Karmelloz).

Most recently, the duo released the album Action Sports on Barcelona based label Angoisse. The album mixes moody ambient techno with leftfield ambient constructions, all with a heavy dose of dub. The duo also recently released the second volume of their Portland Compressor series, which mixes melodic electronica with post-rock tendencies.

This mix was recorded on Pioneer CDJ-1000s with tracks that were largely compiled from CDs from Dylan’s recently totaled 1998 Subaru, alongside a few unreleased solo tracks and a forthcoming Action Sports track. The mix moves between glitchy soundscapes, industrial electronics, downtempo beats and ambient bits of techno.


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01. Ian Boddy – Into View
02. Action Sports – Subj] Scarcely A Ripple
03. Gramm – Non-Relations
04. Butch Maltese – Kiyana
05. Marc Barreca – Georgetown
06. Farben – A Spiral Worldorder
07. 2lanes – Donation Match
08. Broken English Club – Suburban Hunting
09. LNS – Guppies
10. Helm – Olympic Mess (Beatrice Dillon Remix)
11. Umfang – Where Is She
12. Dylan M Howe – State of Vanity 1.1
13. Disjecta – Here
14. Dylan M Howe – True Nature (dub)
15. Laurie Anderson – Walking & Falling CDJs Edit