Yarn Audio Podcast #13 – Bedim

Yarn Audio Podcast 13 by Bedim Cover Artwork

Bedim is a DJ from Vilnius, Lithuania and was a part of the Despotin Beat Club radio-show / movement.

The thing radio taught me is that the most surprising music often is found on the B-side. The stuff that you usually skip in search for a banger or a track that would be DJ friendly, easy to mix. With this installment I try to explore Folk / Ambient / Classical music, which happens to be mostly Japanese, and create an interesting and quirky sonic piece that I would enjoy listening to.


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01. 如月小春 – Paraffin [King Records]
02. Lamin Fofana – The Dithering [Allergy Season]
03. Masami Tsuchiya – Never Mind [CBS/Sony]
04. Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου – Πεθαίνοντας [Lyra]
05. J.G. Biberkopf – The Illusion Of Solidity (feat. Aisha Devi) [Danse Noire]
06. Pulse Emitter – Titan [Immune]
07. Jimmy Murakawa – Beauty [B&M]
08. Swing Slow – Western Boléro [Mercury]
09. Yoshio Ojima – Boy in Vision [Fukusei Gijutsu Kohboh]
10. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Tokyo Bay Area [Fukusei Gijutsu Kohboh]
11. death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – ロマンチックな思い出 2 [Not on label, self released]
12. Yumi Murata – Face to Face [Eastworld]