Terrorrythmus – Adaption Disorder [YARN003]

YARN003 Cover Artwork

Yarn Audio’s third EP “Adaption Disorder” comes from Terrorrythmus following releases for Betonblume, Abulia Concepts und World Wide Juke. Banging 808-beats meet nasty rhythms. Experimental enthusiasm encounters dreamy pads and mangled vocals. An insider tip for fans of TNGHT, Flosstradamus, Murderbot and co. Who says fresh Juke- and Trap-sounds are coming exclusively from the UK or USA?
The gentle chords and brutal beats of the opener “40h” only need a few bars to transport you deep into the world of the “Adaption Discorder”. With its chirping hi-hats, exaggerated low-end and sharp melodies “From the Hood” could easily become the next ghetto-anthem and even be played in the pimped BMWs of Berlin’s petty criminals. Fortunately the third tune “Post Smack” doesn’t sound lose any of that energy at all: The smooth melodies of “40h” come together with “From The Hood”’s energetic Trap-sound.
Terrorrythmus, a German producer and DJ from Bremen, has been involved in the Bass Music-scene for ten years, back when Jungle and Breakcore were hip. His party-series “Subunternehmen” has been the first ever event to bring Dubstep into the hanseatic city . By now the 26-year-old musician is crazy about Footwork and Trap but still hasn’t forgotten his roots. He promotes his sound with his own imprint Latenz and the “DOOM”-parties.
The latest EP from Yarn Audio fits perfectly into the Trap- and Juke-genre, which slowly but surely also gets German dancefloors to go nuts. The three tracks are full of wicked breaks and broken beats, a homage to the roughness of early Jungle. You instantly hear that “Adaption Discorder” is inspired by a decade of Bass Music. The EP’s title reflects its program: Terrorrythmus isn’t chasing the hype, but jumps easily between elements of various genres. A refreshingly personal interpretation of Bass Music. Who’d have thought that an “Adaption Discorder” sounds so good!

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Mastering: Stephano Angel